New AT&T Seminole County Real Yellow Pages

March 16, 2010

If you live in Seminole County and get the AT&T Yellow pages you might want to take a look at the cover. We are very excited to be the photographer for the book. The shoot was for a directory and for Central Florida Zoo (in Sanford). We were contacted at the end of 2009 for permission to use our photo. We could not say YES fast enough!

We are extremely excited they are now hitting the streets. Clients have contacted us letting us know they saw it were excited for us.

Thank you everyone for the congrats! We are super proud!!

Here is the image of the cover along with the portrait we took.

Shameless plug as well- the cutie in red just happens to be ours too. :) Having children of our own- they are often models in our commercial shoots because they know what to expect and often help the other kids. This portrait was selected by the zoo and we are honored!