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We are so looking forward to their wedding tomorrow! Here are a few favorites from their engagement session.

Orlando LDS Wedding Photographer
Orlando LDS Wedding Photographer

Orlando LDS Wedding Photographer

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Here is the beautiful Boise wedding we photographed in December. A beautiful album was assembled  sharing this extraordinary day for the Bride & Groom.

Here are the pages and the cover of the book we wanted to share. The cover is canvas and it will be a hinged book. Once it arrives from the printers we will share the final photos.



PAGE 1-20












carole: Wow, that is a fantastic job. Both the pictures and the layout are wonderful--that is a lucky couple to have had you for their photographers

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We photographed this couple that has been coming into our studio for a few years. We were so excited they got married. They had a sweet/quaint family wedding.  And you know not all weddings have to be over the top be be just as fun.

Congratulations on their recent wedding this January 2009!


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Orlando LDS Temple Wedding

January 31, 2009

In July we shot this adorable couple here in Orlando. The Bride decorated the entire hall where they had the reception herself. We were so impressed. They were a fun couple and enjoyed having a great time with them. Thankful they allowed us to photograph their special day!

(Big Steelers fans… and how appropriate for this weekend too.. as the Steelers head off to the superbowl tomorrow)


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Gotta love Idaho!! WE LOVE IDAHO. We had a destination wedding. Flew to Boise for this beautiful couple. Early December was COLD but no snow. (Darn) But it was such beautiful skies it was amazing and the Boise LDS Temple was breath taking!!
Here are a few of our favorites from their wedding we want to share.



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