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We are so looking forward to their wedding tomorrow! Here are a few favorites from their engagement session.

Orlando LDS Wedding Photographer
Orlando LDS Wedding Photographer

Orlando LDS Wedding Photographer

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Where has 2008 gone?

March 25, 2008

The fall came, Christmas holiday came and went and now the 1st quarter is over!! Went by extremely fast. Much apologies go out for the lack of updating but we promise to catch up!!

Going to share some of our portraits from 2007 and 2008 and will update with all our new sessions as sneak previews!! But we have to thank you all for a great few months. We have been kept so busy and enjoy seeing everyone in the studio. THANK YOU!

So with out further ado – a quick update of Oct 2007 – February 2007


This summer is hot!!

July 28, 2007

Ok.. yes so it Is hot outside. 90’s most days here!!

But so is this maternity couple!!! Pregnant mothers are absolutely beautiful!!! And Maria is NO exception. Maria and Randy are expecting a little girl in September. 7 weeks to go!! I can’t wait to meet this little girl. She will have a very beautiful mom and dad!!

Here are just a few of their session. Of course they allowed me to share here. They were alot of fun and had a really hard time picking out their favorites. Here are just 6. :)

Congratulations to Maria & Randy on their little girl that will be here very very soon!


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Happy New Year!

January 9, 2007

I can’t believe another year has come to a close! It was such a busy Christmas season. We had session after session. Christmas in the studio started the 1st week of October. We then went on vacation starting Dec 11th till January 2nd. Lot of time to relax, rejuvinate, new ideas for 2007 and time to spend with family and close friends. I love the Christmas holiday!!!

One session that we squeezed in just before our vacation was a fun maternity session shot by Chad. Caron and Scott were expecting a new bundle of Joy around.. well TODAY in fact was her due date. However baby had other plans and arrived on December 17th. Congratulations Scott & Caron on a beautiful boy. We will definately update our blog with a few fun photos from his newborn session. We like to get babies in before they are 2 weeks of age to capture that newborn look. They signed up for our new Bella Bebe Plan. More information on that plan to follow shortly.

Here are a few proofs from this session. Notice the new 2007 look of our proofs. :) We will use them here on the blog as well.

Thank you again Caron & Scott for trusting us with your beautiful Maternity portraits!!
caron0031.jpg caron0041.jpg

caron0021.jpg caron0011.jpg

Lacie & Robert

December 11, 2006

We had alot of fun in November! One of the wonderful couples that came in for photography was Lacie & Robert! We had tons of fun with them. They were a great couple to work with.  We went to Lake Lily Park in Maitland. Was a beautiful day. Not too hot (nor cold for that matter) And enjoyed the beautiful Florida Nature & Sunshine!!

We also did a few fun shots of Roberts car for his website. He had a really nice tricked out Acura. Quite impressive and was something different for us to photograph as well.

Thank you Lacie & Robert for giving us the opportunity to work with you!


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Garringer Family

October 23, 2006

We love families.  Preserving this moment in time forever.  We also have learned to appreciate the efforts that are put in for family portraits.  Getting everyone ready, everyone in a good mood good spirits, just waiting for the best weather can be a feat sometimes.

Jeff, Maureen, Kristen and Ryan were alot of fun to work with. We also loved that they cordinated so well for these portraits. They make rich colors with all the beautiful colors in florida. Altho it is Fall here, we are still waiting for fall to arrive. 90 degree weather in October is for the birds quite frankly.  They had a family portrait put on a christmas card. All of our cards are created by us, so you will never have another friend with the same portrait card as you.

Wanted to share a few from their session that were our favorites.

If you are interested in a family portrait before Christmas, now is the time to make an appointment with us. We have only a select few sessions left in time for the holidays.


M. Edwards: What a good lookin family. GREAT PHOTOS MB & CHAD!!!

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Love still in the air

September 30, 2006

In continuation of yesterdays post…young love. We had a beautiful couple that came into the studio today to view their session. Steve & Jenny are just too cute! And Steve called and set up an appointment with us for their 1st anniversary together. Met at Lake Lily in Maitland. They were so formally dressed it was very refreshing. The pictures were stunning of the 2 of them. Chad was the lucky one that got to go shoot this session and commented many times to me how much in love they were.
I really do enjoy editing and spending time with the young couples that come thru. It keeps me feeling younger myself. Not that I think I am that old , yet. HAHA. But it reminds me just 10 short years ago of myself at their age.

We hope that we get to see them in a few years at their wedding. Jenny will make a beautiful bride! She has the most stunning eyes. They draw you in when you look at their portraits. Steve and Jenny are lucky to have each other. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you on such a special day!!


Lois McHargue: I love these photos!! Jenny's my neice, and I agree she's beautiful!! You did a stunning job with these photos!! They were a pleasure to view!!

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Young Love

September 29, 2006

We have been shooting quite a few couples as of recent. They are so much fun to work with. The excitement between the couples, nervousness in meeting us, and sometimes down right giggly. We look forward to working with couples. As the session goes on the giggles are less and they become more into each other and true and honest emotions between the couple is often easily seen. Maria and Randy – a prime example of this. Their session was what I can only describe as “magical”. As the session continued how much in love they were with each other. Never a shortness or a cross word towards each other. I love, “young love”. It puts a skip in my walk each time I view their session. I wanted to share just a few here with you all. I smile each time I see their laughing photo! Which I confess is my favorite of the entire session.

Since the 1st time we met Maria and Randy, their kindess radiates around them. Chad and I are so lucky to have such wonderful clients, and Maria and Randy, we call our friends. Chad and I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot the Motorcycle and Martini’s 2006 event. A charity event to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The Child Rescue Network. It was a party filled with silent auctions, live auctions, dancing, food and an all around good time. As we were shooting this event, we turned around and saw Maria and Randy had come to this event, not only to support such a worthy cause but to come support us! I can’t thank them enough for making our night!! We love to say that our clients are our friends! Because they truely are!!

Thank you again Maria and Randy for your friendship and looking forward to seeing you again!


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